About Me

Mohammad helps businesses to connect their operations with the latest SAP systems, with his functional skills in SAP ECC and EWM. He combines this with his academic background in logistics and business knowledge in Warehousing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management to further improve IT and logistical operations.

Mohammad is a freelance SAP EWM (certified) consultant and Managing Partner of a transport business based in The Netherlands. He has completed several SAP project until now and worked in the following SAP modules: EWM, SD, MM, LE and ALE-IDOC (interfacing and technical documents).

He loves to work in international environments and travel during project. During his BBA and MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management he lived/studied in The Netherlands, Australia and United Kingdom. Besides this he has also lived in Pakistan, which helped him to be fluent in English, Dutch, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

He is also passionate about: hiking, travelling, experiencing new cultures and photography.


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