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Logistics, Warehousing

How drones are changing logistics and warehousing

January 30, 2017

We all have been hearing about drones since a few years, been used at the start in negative ways (mainly by the military). But also in positive ways like filming or utilising it to checking out faraway pipeline for leaks and nowadays even kids in primary school are playing with drones. There are also some cases, where drones are been used in logistics or warehousing: delivery parcels, last mile distribution (concept) and inventory checks in warehouses. Lets first have a look at how drones are used in logistics and after that at warehousing.

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EWM, Warehousing

Differences between IM/WM and EWM

January 5, 2017

Most executives and their employees ask themselves, why would you implement Extended Warehouse Management??? Before one can answer this question, it is more important to understand what Inventory Management/Warehouse Management and EWM are. Only after this we can go and explore the differences between them. Therefore I will try to answer this from my perspective in this blog. Continue Reading…